Dream Upon a Dream

My inner world is always there, waiting for me to tune in. At times I wonder, as life prolongs, extends, and changes, if I will lose my inner imagery; images to which create the essence of my creativity, my writings, and my intuitive drawings and intuition. I enjoy my solitude, because that is when I tune in and explore my inner worlds, and I begin to remember my dreams once more. In the business of everyday life, with presented personas and superficial images and face pace noise, my dreams are ignored or unremembered, and I am ungrounded. In solitude I find a foundation to build from, to build my perspective and impressions on life, to one day create true social change, inner change, and deep love for others, to which in turn, I will receive and accept freely.  

Within this poem are some of my sketches. I am not the most “skilled” artist, having never taken official Art courses past elementary and high school, but my drawings have a story of their own to tell.  I written my commentary within this poem as well, for that is what came to me with my review of this poem. Enjoy, and Peace & Love. ❤

September 11th 2013 

There is a Place 

There’s a place in my mind 

That I’ve been searching for in my dreams 

This place is full of wonder and light; filled with unknown creatures of the ‘night’ 

Haunting; haunting are these creatures who vary in size, figure, tone of skin, structure and fur 

Some fly, some walk, others hop, others… slyly move about 

These creatures are of fantasy, what one sees in dreams and reads in fairy tales 

[I use to see the creatures from fantasies fairytales, including gnomes, the boogie man, mermaids in the water, the boogie man, and a worm like figure that at times appeared as a troll, mimicking a small child, and would count, I would see a glimpse of this one peeping around my door frame of my room, and would at times sit upon the floor at the edge of my bed and count. This was before the age of 5, by age 7, as development goes, these ‘creatures of the night (parts of our collective unconsciousness) ceased to ‘visit’.]

They are protectors, some 


‘The 4’

 [Per the author of ‘Eat, Pray, Love‘ we each have 4 brothers/protectors. I have seen this image in the past, something similar, with the beings having glowing eyes, and I have seen images of 4 particular ‘male’ energies throughout my life, to whom I did not know in this life time or person, some had human form, and the ‘fourth is a glowing light’, that at times take form of a young male with wavy hair, but who does not speak in words, but through room temperature and emotion, I understand (vaguely) it’s presence, and it usually ‘appears’ in a subtle way, when a change in my life (life transition) is occurring, or if I need a warning/awareness of something. The other 3 have come at different phases in my life as well, that is for another post.]

They are fighters, some 

They are sorcerers, some 

They are peaceful, some 

They are violent, some 

They are dark, some 

They are light, some 

They are keepers of the souls, some 

They are eater of the souls, some 


The troll‘ [ignore the blurriness, haha]

They are messengers, some 

They are knowledgeable, all, of which ever path they choose 

Their number is innumerable, but they are real 

Fantasy is real 

Don’t let the ‘eye’ fool you 


The Eye

[Some beliefs may feel ‘the source’ of life, or GOD, is a symbol of the eye, looking within the center of our universe, watching it’s creations. This images, with the lighting like bolt lines within the eye, shows strain and fatigue, a sign to me of the ‘end of times’, or a transition to another way of living, for all.]

Your dreams aren’t your creation 

The valley of which you live isn’t the essence of your true being 

Be aware of the unseen around you 

Ally with the ‘unknown’ 

Bliss is the knowledge of knowing that we are not alone 

Crazy is invisible and the real creation of humans 

FEAR is the ancient power-fuel 

Know FEAR and you’ll win.  

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