Arizona Road Trip – 10/24/20 – 10/31/20

11/13: Arizona Road Trip – 10/24 – 10/31 

I recently completed a ‘Spirit Trip’, well that is what I call it; a journey I completed on my own, and witnessed the diverse beauty Arizona has to offer. I planned for this trip shortly before my 30th birthday (September 28th), from an intuition to visit the Four Corners area. Along the way, I mapped out (not very well I’ll admit), ghost and old west towns to visit along the way. Below is evidence of my exploration, lessons learned, and places I’d like to continue to explore. Enjoy! I will create other posts stating history of each major town listed below, stay tuned! 


Yuma – Oatman, AZ – the Land of the Burrows 

Oatman is right outside of Bullhead City, and River City, close to Las Vegas, Nevada and on Historical Route 66. I bought a Shot glass and Prickly Pear candy in this Burrow filled town, on Route 66! 😉 

My goal was to make it to Wickenburg, AZ, but by the time I got their it was dark. I saw this monument below though, it was in the dark so stole the below picture from the internet, but still, history is history:

Wickenburg Massacre Marker

10/25/20 Prescott to Horseshoe bend, to Jerome 

On 10.24 I spent the night in Prescott, planning on hiking a short hike in the morning, before heading to Jerome but, I decided I wanted to see Horseshoe Bend, in Antelope Canyon, as the pictures online were beautiful. I thought, drive couldn’t be that long, Right? So, on a whim, I drove the 3 and half Hours to Horseshoe bend from Prescott, but by time I reached Horeshoe bend I was tired, it was hot, and my cell lost service and I felt a little lost. Even though it would have been a short 40-minute hike in total, I decided not to walk to the viewpoint to see the beautiful image below. And guess what? I drove the 3 and half hours BACK down to Jerome, which was only 20 minutes from Prescott I believe, or an hour, tops. Lol funny dumb mistakes I made, but I saw beautiful landscapes along the way. Also, from Jerome to Apache Junction, I drove another 3 hours, so, about a little over 9-hour drive on 10/25/20 because of my careless planning. More driving than exploring for sure! But I am still grateful and enjoyed the experience.  

My view of Prescott before this long growing-pain day:

Pictures as I was heading toward Horeshoebend, the flat lands as I came closer to the UT boarder, the red rocks and outline of the Grandcanyon on either side. It is believed, that Horeshoebend is the beginning of the Grand Canyon, North Rim.

I am sure I had more pictures than this but, it was hard to sort, I took more pictures on my way back from Horeshoe Bend. Below is the viewpoint I could have seen if I walked to it – there is always next time:

As I was returning, driving through Flagstaff, I witnessed heavy rain and hail for about 15 minutes, luckily I made it to Jerome Safely, but the rain clouds and sun reflecting through them made beautiful pictures:

I made it to Jerome, AZ in the evening, I was going to explore the mainstreet/downtown area but again, I was too tired and decided to drive toward Apache Junction, a wise decision considering the length of the drive! I made it to Apache Junction by 11pm, 4 hours later than planned lol.


I know, not much pictures, was too tired and it was getting dark, ha.

10/26/20 Apache Junction, to Goldfield, to Crater between Flagstaff and Winslow, to Winslow, to Bluff Utah  

This day, my trip went smoother, and I had more confidence, and took a few more pictures along my Journey from Apache Junction to Bluff, Utah, Four Corners. Along the way, I made it to another spot I wanted to explore, the ghost town Goldfield. I found it kinda lame so took a picture instead – I got there too early and wasn’t able to explore the giftshop, but it is beside Superstitious Mountain, that is a popular hiking area pre-COVID. As I drove up north AGAIN, toward flagstaff, I visited the Crater site as well, and I then decided to visit and eat lunch in Winslow Arizona just to say I’ve been there – I like the Eagles. I visited ‘Standing on the Corner Park’, and took a picture of the statue and the flatbed ford. Ok, I stole this image from the internet, I was tired (again), and it looked the same anyway. It was fun nonetheless! I made it to Bluff, UT by 7pm, so at least I kept to my schedule on this day. Again, more driving than exploring, but I loved it anyway. 

Superstitious Mountain

I saw snow as I arrived between Flagstaff and Winslow, to the Meteor Crator & Barringer Space Museum. Meteor Impact below:

Standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona…:

Not my picture – Winslow Use to be part of the Historical Route 66

Flagstaff, the pine trees, some parts had the pretty multi-colors of fall, a treat for this Yuma, AZ girl:

10/27 – 10/28 Bluff Utah, The four corners 

So, I made it safely to Bluff Utah, the Utah area of the four corners. I spent the morning of 10/27, driving around the four corners, entering a piece of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona. I lost connection again and had to back track multiple times, going in and out each state frequently lol but it was a good experience nevertheless, again. I made it back to the hotel about 2pm. By then I was too tired to explore further, there were some short hiking sites near by, historical to the Navajo tribe, but I decided, since I did so much driving the past couple of days, to spend the rest of the day at the hotel. Below, pictures of the four corners area. The four corners monument in Window Rock is closed due to COVID, but still was worth the drive for me: 

My photos were taken from the car, so forgive the blurriness, but memories are memories.

10/28 Window Rock to Tombstone 

On this day, after 2 days in the four corners area, I drove another 9 hours toward Tombstone. Below are the photos I took of the White Mountains I drove through, another chance to see patches of snow. I drove an hour or so straight down a winding mountain, in Alpine, AZ, a part of AZ most would not image AZ as, but it was a beautiful drive, and the sun reflecting of the pines, and the stillness at the top of the mountain, was magical. Was a scenic drive from the Four corners to Tombstone Arizona! 

Alpine, White Mountains

10/28 – 10/30 

I made it to Tombstone about 7pm on 10/28. I spent the evening at the hotel room, relaxing, and the next morning/day I explored this historical town. I met someone, and older man, who I walked around with on this day, and we explored together. I was alone up until this point, he was traveling alone too. I then stayed the evening in Bowie, AZ, and the next day on 10/30 him and I explored Bisbee, but It wasn’t worth taking a picture of to me, but it is a small city built within the side of a Canyon. Cool art there too! 


The Birdcage Museum
Wyatt Earp’s Tombstone Home
Shot glass I bought in Tombstone, wine tasting glass I received, my first wine tasting, and it was in Tombstone, Go figure

10/31 – Homeward bound – back to Yuma – where I spent Halloween with my sister and Nephew. This was a great trip, I look forward to next years! Where ever I may go. 

Some goodies I bought along the way. 

Enjoy ❤  

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