Religion #4: Psychic Factors of the Spirit World

C.G. Jung continued:

– Just as material objects are the elements of this world, psychic factors are the objects of the “other world” (spirit world). 

– Psychic activity: is nothing less than the conviction as to the concrete evidence of the spirit world. 

– Spirit world: is a reality in no way inferior to that of the material world. 

– Magical influence or substance exists everywhere (magical is another word for psychic). 

– Spirit: is a psychic fact. Just as we distinguish our own body from bodies that are strange to us, so primitives distinguish between their own souls and the spirits, which are felt as strange and as “not belonging.” They are objects of outward perception, where as their own soul, though believed to be essentially akin to the spirits, is not usually an object of so-called sensible perception. After death the soul becomes a spirit which survives the dead man, and often it shows a marked deterioration of character that partly contradicts the notion of personal immortality

– Nearly everything the primitives say about the tricks which the spirits play on the living, and the general picture they give of the revenant’s phenomena established by spiritual experience can be seen to be the activities of broken off bits of the psyche, so these primitive spirits are manifestations of the unconscious complexes

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