Year One: Self-development, Emotions, Life

Happy Birthdaygreenwood

It has now been 1 year (as of, 10/02) that this blog has been in existence.

Introduction: Why was “Inside a Soul” created?

Above is my first post, and I feel it sums up, still, the contents of my blog. This blog is about life, and the soul (self) is the essence of life, a subtle existence felt only in still moments. Hence, I speak about an inner voice that is heard, as if, in the Whistle of the Wind, and comes and goes as gentle as a feather fluttering in this wind.

Without Tree, there could be no whistle of the wind, for through branches does the Whistle form.

“Tree is a symbol of growth. The tree begins from a seed, then germinates and roots begin to grow deep into the grown. The deeper the roots go the bigger and more complex the tree becomes. The tree’s roots are its heritage, its lifeline, and the essence of what it’ll become and is. The roots are the heritage, ancestry, of its being. As the tree grows and develops, it obtains branches, and with the branches comes the leaves. The leaves are a storage place, maybe the memories, and the branches may be the tree’s different path’s of thought. On every branch, multiple leaves do grow, and with the Changing of the Seasons the leaves fall – memories become repressed, forgiven, but never truly forgotten – and then new leaves grow in the place of the fallen leaves. An endless growing, decaying, cycle, but the tree nonetheless continues to grow.” ME

Through the changes of the seasons, and growth and development of Self through life, comes a mixture of emotional cycles, that can be related to the moon, Emotional Moon Cycles.

Emotional Moon Cycles was my 3rd post, and that was around the time I started my current job. I feel this job is leading to a career, and where it will fully take me I have yet to determine, but I like the challenging ride I am on. I have learned this past year to accept challenge, move through change, and ease through the pain, knowing that pain is a sign of change, and old patterns of behavior (thought patterns) are being changed, re-arranged, into something better, greater, than it has every been.

These were just a few posts on this blog, and each post is connected to one another in some way. How this happened? It was an unconscious motive, an unconscious yearning; part of me developing self-awareness, self-understanding, self-acceptance. Please, browse my category section if you wish. Plenty to see there, to read, to ponder… Plenty more to come.

~may you remember always, you are blessed, and there’s opportunity in every crisis. Let be what has been let been ~

Happy Autumn

Peace and love ❤

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